Matakohe Kauri Museum

Open seven days - just six minutes North.
The award winning Matakohe Kauri Museum is a great experience for a weekend get-away and if you are travelling in New Zealand it’s not worth missing!  
Giant Kauri forests once covered Northland and much of the Coromandel peninsula with some trees that would have had an estimated age of up to 2000 years. Some trees had diameters of more than 7 metres. Later Kauri timber became popular in construction and went as far as San Francisco for hardwood floors and was used for construction during the California gold rush as well as supplying a booming Auckland, boat building and settlers throughout New Zealand.
Kauri was also used to create some beautiful settler furniture, with many fine examples at the nearby Kauri Museum in Matakohe, and was used to construct many of the historic homes, churches and buildings in the area. 
The Matakohe Kauri Museum is a truly remarkable museum with a truly extensive collection. This includes massive slabs of Kauri (one is 22.5m long), beautiful Kauri furniture, a furnished1880s house, the largest museum collection of Kauri gum, enormous logs, an original saw mill and a meagre bushman’s hut you can step right inside. Throughout the museum black and white photographs capture the changing times. 
There are also a number of beautifully renovated old buildings that offer real insight into the area's history. Being able to literally step inside helps you can feel the depth of history and get a real sense of life back then. These buildings include the historic post office which was in use right up until 1988, a school house and a settler’s church.
There is a really fascinating ephemera in the museum itself, including a footrest designed to heat the feet on a cold night! right through to a majestic stately Kauri boardroom table and chairs.
Opposite the museum there is a grand brick church and and cemetery filled with the headstones of the original settler families and their descendants, many families who are still living in the area today. There are beautiful views out over the rolling green farmland and a petting zoo is scheduled to open.
  • Adults $25.00
  • Students $20.00
  • Seniors $20.00
  • Child: $8
  • Family: $55 (2 Adults / 2 Children)