Paparoa (est. 1863) 

Population 270
Paparoa is a friendly small community of farmers & fishermen.
Most recently families, lifestylers, artists and Aucklander's establishing holiday homes have moved into the area to enjoy the natural beauty of the Kaipara harbour, proximity to Auckland but also a real sense of getting away from everything.
Just walk across the bridge into town and you'll see the iconic National Bank of New Zealand (1914) and just opposite that the grand Kauri homestead Cliff House (1880s). The Cliff’s were a founding family in the district with a rich history and were pivotal in establishing the local Kauri Museum in Matakohe.
At the village green just over the bridge every Saturday there is a Farmers Market where you can buy local produce including oysters, flounder, honey, free range eggs & locally produced olive oil. The 4square stocks just about anything you’ll need sometimes even fresh flowers from local gardens.
You can fish off the landing in the park in the Paparoa River or enjoy a picnic and just a minute further down the road you'll find a kids playground.
The entrance to the Kauri Bush walkway is just behind the kids playground - all just minutes walk from the Hotel. Explore up the hill and you'll see old colonial buildings including the original Post Office which is now a Bed & Breakfast.
The Pahi Regatta (with bath tub races, Miss Pahi competition & boat races) is held the last weekend of January, the A&P show is on the 6th February (come and celebrate farming life) and the Paparoa Pig Hunt (great prizes & raffles) is held in the middle of winter - come and enjoy these great events!
Visit for all local events - yoga, quilting group, family occasions and follow us on Facebook to hear about our live music events! kareoke competitions! Halloween Party! and much more. 
Paparoa was established in 1863 beside the Paparoa river which was an important transport link as settlers moved in to fell and mill the ancient Kauri timber forests. As the New Zealand Herald rambling reporter said in 1876 the remarkable feature of the area is  “ the absence of roads, the river being the great highway and everybody travels by boat.”
From 1882 the Minnie Casey steamer regularly connected Paparoa with Helensville and by the 1890s Paparoa had 35 families and about 200 people, mostly living along the banks of the river and farming developed as the bush was cleared.
Many of the original settlers were Albertlanders, a religious group founded by William Rawson Brame in Birmingham who gathered non-conformist immigrants to travel together to a new land for a new life and religious freedom and there are still to this day a number of historic colonial churches you can visit in the area and an active Christian community.

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